UPDATED!!!! Resources for your Business During and After COVID-19

Resources for your business during and after COVID-19

The SBA has approved Arkansas' Disaster Declaration and will start accepting applications for funding. Please see links below for information on how to apply.

1. Startup Junkie has a page dedicated to applying for the loans and information surrounding them. Follow the link HERE.

2. The ASBTDC is also offering assistance with completing the applications. Click HERE to sign up for their assistance.

You will still find tips, hints, and resources below that can help you.

Many state and federal agencies are putting plans of action in place to help businesses make it through these difficult times. As the Chamber of Commerce and our mission being to support all business at all times, we want to do whatever we can to support the Siloam Springs business community through the good times and the bad. This would definitely be considered a bad time and we want to be sure to continue to stand by our mission. We have tried to compile a list of any resources that may be available for businesses during this time and potentially throughout the recovery efforts. Check back with us periodically as we will update the list if any new programs or opportunities arise. Please see the current list here.

  1. SBA (Small Business Administration) has compiled more information on the loans mentioned above that could be provided. Follow the link HERE to see what benefits could be available for your business.
  2. AEDC is committed to helping businesses and employees combat the effects of COVID-19 and to that effort, has compiled a list of programs and resources. Access the link by clicking HERE.
  3.  Startup Junkie has stopped in person consulting currently, but they are still doing virtual meetings to help small businesses manage aspects through the tough times now and ahead. You can schedule a meeting with them by clicking HERE. If you are not surveyed out, please consider taking the survey HERE to show our local city and county governments the impact on your business. Startup Junkie also has a great page for access to local information to help. Access that page by clicking HERE.
  4. onIT has presented the following option for businesses who may need help with IT or VPN network services. See below:

With everything going on, there might be some additional IT demands so please use onIT as a resource if you have any questions or need additional support. onIT is encouraging all of their clients to make sure they are protected and backed up! Unfortunately, some people will take advantage of the situation and the vulnerabilities of businesses so please let them know if you need anything.

The team is working hard to try to mitigate as much of this as they can.

To put in a request for support:

Email: Support@on-it.co

Phone: 479-595-8955 option 2

Also, if you are having employees use their personal computers to VPN at home, make sure they have a good antivirus and the scans are running. AVG and Malwarebytes are sufficient.

Stay safe out there!


The Chamber is also available for any needs you may have during this time as well. If we cannot directly help, we will try to find someone that can. We do not recommend face-to-face meetings, but are available by phone at 479-524-6466 or by email at nathan@siloamchamber.com. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you need any type of assistance.