Sager Classical Academy offers new education opportunity

Sager Classical Academy

The Siloam Springs Chamber of Commerce is excited to welcome Sager Classical Academy to Siloam Springs. We had the privilege to meet Dr. Chad Raith and his wife Ansley, who are two of the founding trustees of the school. They have 5 children of their own, two of whom are attending the Academy this year.

The Raiths, along with board chair Dr. Jessica Hooten-Wilson, her husband Jonathon, and other founding trustees Don and Carrie Eben, saw a need for another educational offering in Siloam Springs, and all agreed on a classical framework as being a beautiful way to integrate faith and learning. The school has had a huge response since opening registration last winter and started classes in August with 49 students!

The school rents space at First Baptist Church. This is a perfect location for the needs of the school, which is currently K-6 and plans to add grades yearly to become a full K-12. Classes meet from 8 a.m. - 12:30 p.m., Monday through Thursday, leaving room for families to be involved with students’ learning at home, or children may attend afternoon hours as well, and complete all their work at school.

On Fridays SCA holds Cultural Arts Fridays, which include art, drama, music, and culture arts, with registration open to the homeschool community as well.

The school desires to keep its tuition low, currently at only $2950, and plans to offer scholarships beginning next year.

Visit their website or connect with SCA on Facebook to keep up with what’s new and to find out more!