NOARK Meeting: Empathy and Execution – Connection and Future Forward

06-16-2020 8:15 AM - 06-16-2020 9:30 AM

Empathy and Execution – Connection and Future Forward (Yes, even during a pandemic!)

Join us for a recharging conversation about empathy and connection as we lead in 
organizations, groups and teams through work, volunteerism, faith, and family while we face challenges including working from home and returning to work. How do we balance compliance and compassion?  We have the capacity to use empathy and connection to provide stability, structure, reassurance, and confidence. More than ever, we’re reaching for each other, looking for opportunities to connect and how we feed and grow our cultures. 

Many times, we get it exactly right. Sometimes, it goes terribly wrong. Right now, we struggle with what to say, how to say, when to say it, and how will we deal with the response? 
Connecting and leading through empathy takes practice and self-awareness. There are ways that we may unwittingly drive disconnection even when our greatest hope is for warmth, understanding, and problem solving. Let’s do some work around developing empathy as a first response, creating inviting space and safety for tough conversations, bravery, and innovation.  
We are all in this together. Let’s remember and reinforce our connection to each other, to our service goals, and missions.   We will go forward and we can’t wait to support you in dreaming about the future, aligning your strategy, and connecting with people in every area of your life.

Speaker Name:  Linda Clark, MHRM, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, CMC

Bio:  With nearly two decades of experience in strategic human resources and operation leadership, Linda is the principal behind a dynamic organizational development and human resources consulting practice.  Skilled in creating and sustaining innovative cultures using effective feedback and strategic people operations, Linda combines peak performance, authenticity and personal presence to maximize success for individuals and organizations.  Linda offer an exceptional reputation of radical operational focus centering respect and empathy at all levels.

Today, Linda is an in-demand professional speaker fluent in topics of group and team dynamics, feedback, communication competency, and coaching.  Her signature charismatic and engaging presentations are driven by her passion for service, offering unparalleled learner-centered environments punctuated by storytelling and humor.

Speaking at more than 60 events in 2018, Linda speaks in front of thousands of people each year including executives and senior leadership, professional and industry conferences and organization, and teams in a variety of industries.  Her topics range from building and leading effective teams, leadership and organizational development, the art and competency of giving and receiving feedback, adapting and thriving with change, and the power of our individual brand and voice as we contribute to collaborative environments.
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Linda Clark about Empathy and Execution

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